Friday, 31 January 2014

Building a publicity website

I've decided to build a website using Gimp, BlueGriffon and an internet server company that is cheap and run by someone I know. The obvious alternative is to use Wordpress, which makes very good looking sites, or Joomla or Drupal, but these create Knowledge Management sites and are quite overglorified for my current needs.  I spent several months of spare time experimenting with Wordpress sites hosted on another host company last year and something always went wrong, so I think it is quite good to do a simple site that I have created myself from scratch (as I have done successfully in the past).

I am using this webtutorial in how to lay out a website using Photoshop (I will use Gimp which is pretty similar) because I like the look if the website that he is laying out. Once I have made the website components in Gimp I will upload them to my server site using either BlueGriffon or FTP, which are processes I am vaguely familiar with from last year (when I was using NVU, an older version of BlueGriffon). I might not need BlueGriffon at all in fact.

Amendum: After  debating this issue for some time I decided that I really needed professional help in designing a cover and a website and that paying for this would be money well spent. It is of paramount importance to have a professional looking cover and website. The current plan is that the web developer is going to follow a Joomla template.

ps In the end I decided that all this was a bit beyond me so I asked a friend to design me a site and he did and its brilliant. 

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